Celebrating Hope Concert

10 11 2014

Celebrating Hope flier  CORINTH believes in Hope!  And that is why we are gathering together on Wednesday 26th of November at the Bombay Baptist Church in Colaba to thank God for what He is doing through the different organisations and churches that are part of the CORINTH family – and to look ahead to Mumbai AIDS Sunday 2014!

Would you like to join us?  Contact your nearest CORINTH partner organisation – or send us an email at CORINTH.Mumbai@gmail.com

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Fellowship of Care Providers Retreat 2014

10 08 2014


“Renewing our Strength” is the need of the hour for people working in the field of caring for people with HIV and working with people at risk for the disease. The CORINTH Fellowship of Christ-honouring organisations and churches who are involved with HIV care and prevention in the greater Mumbai area.


Each day members of the CORINTH network are involved in God-glorifying care and prevention activies through their organisations and churches. These activities often come at a cost, as those serving have multiple challenges as they work with very broken people. Caring for Care-givers is vital as HIV as a disease continues to challenge the church and society.

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INTH fellowship has worked together to organise special Fellowship of Care Providers Retreats to encourage those on the front-lines and build a united response to the challenges that HIV pose us. The Fellowship of Care Providers Retreat for 2014 was a great blessing – allowing each person who attended to ‘renew their strength.’


We had 50 participants who came to the beautiful Asha Seva Kendra campus in Lonavala (run by the Youth With A Mission organisation) for a time of refreshment and joy in the Lord from the evening of the 24th of July till the afternoon of July 26th 2014.


We were blessed to have 22 men and 28 women (along with 3 children) participate – all of whom are involved in HIV care or working among those at risk of the disease. The 50 participants were sent by 13 different organisations and 5 churches who are engaged in HIV work.




14 05 2014

A recent CORINTH Meeting held at the Salvation Army Jubilee Hall in Byculla on 9th April 2014. We treasure each person who made it out to share their experiences – both the joys and the challenges

Lets keep working!

22 11 2010

Most of us have grown up with the reality of HIV/AIDS being present all around us.

25 years have now passed since the first cases of HIV/AIDS were discovered in India.  A generation of people have been born since them.  Sadly many of these young people are themselves living with HIV today.

By God’s grace we do not have a situation like many of our brothers and sisters in Sub-Saharan Africa.  But that should not allow us to relax.

HIV/AIDS is still a dreaded reality for many.  Ultimately, we believe that God’s people – who are called to love each other in the name of Jesus Christ – are those who must move forward to care for people with HIV.

There are still too many people in our city who have been rejected because of their HIV status.  There are still people dying for lack of care, dying because they are too afraid to seek help.  There are still so many churches that have not opened their doors with love to reach out and touch and honour and bless people with HIV – like Jesus does!

CORINTH has been working over these years – each organisation moving forward in their own unique ways – and all of us together at various levels.

The job is not over yet!  Lets keep going forward!




Ask God to help…. end HIV/AIDS!

30 11 2009

We believe that God is a prayer-answering God!

We believe that nothing is too difficult for God!

We believe that God loves people with HIV/AIDS!

In fact, we know that He loves people infected and affected by HIV so much – that He sent His only Son – our Lord Jesus Christ – to die for people with HIV – and for people without HIV – since all of us have sinned and fallen short of His glory and beauty!

As we look across our great city of Mumbai – with the eyes of God – we see so many who are secretly hurting because of the terrible suffering that HIV is causing in their lives.  Let us not remain silent!  God wants His children to call out to Him.

We urge that churches around Mumbai will pray – continually – to our loving Father to end the scourge of HIV/AIDS.

Besides your on-going prayers – both personally and corporately – the CORINTH network urges churches to put aside a special time of prayer and rememberance as part of your Sunday Worship on Mumbai AIDS Sunday – this coming Sunday the 6th of December!

It is a joy to know that when God’s children come together – He acts!

We also know that it is vital for God’s children to unite together in prayer before our heavenly Father.

Please find out your local AIDS Prayer Meeting which will be held on the evening of Mumbai AIDS Sunday or on one of the days during the World AIDS Week which starts from tomorrow – World AIDS Day!

The Lord Jesus said: “you are the light of the world – let your light so shine that others will see your good deeds and praise God!”   May that be true of all God’s children in an age of AIDS.

We look forward to meeting you at your local AIDS Prayer Meeting!

God can help – and He will end HIV/AIDS!


Please click on: www.2009mas.wordpress.com for more information about Mumbai AIDS Sunday 2009

Let your light shine!

23 11 2009

Can you imagine putting 65 stars together in a room?

We experienced this on the 19th of November when the CORINTH network Fellowship of Care Providers retreat was held at the JJ Nursing Association centre at Marve Beach.

The theme for this time of reflection and celebration was “Let Your Light Shine.”  Shining like stars in the universe is what the Bible calls on followers of Jesus Christ to be – and we saw this over and over again in the precious people who gathered together on that day.

Each person present was actively involved in caring for people with HIV.  Some of the participants were HIV positive themselves – and caring for others like them.

The day passed far too quickly in the green serenity of the resort and the cool breeze from the sea.

We broke up into small groups to share the joys of serving – and the challenges too.

What a joy to meet so many from so many different groups – all who are serving with the same focus – to see people with HIV/AIDS receive healing and restoration – and to do so in the name and love of Jesus!

A good lunch – good fellowship – and heartfelt praise combined to bring us into the afternoon time of being challenged with the main message of being a light.

Different participants came up to share words of encouragement and hope with each other.

We then enacted a moving representation of what each of the care givers is doing every day:  we washed each others feet – as Jesus had done for his disciples.

There were many a tear as our everyday heroes served each other.  And much gratitude to our Lord for being our example and allowing us to follow Him in service.

The day came to a close with sharing communion – and then we dispersed – back to our places where we are called to serve people with HIV and their families.

All left with hearts encouraged and blessed – ready to keep serving.  Ready to keep shining their lights!

Celebrating Care Providers

5 10 2009

corinth bookmark

Every person who looks after people with HIV is very special.

The CORINTH network is blessed to have a quiet army of hidden heroes who do just that – look after people with HIV every day.

This means caring for our friends with HIV in heat, and in the rains – when welcomed or when not – during times of joy and times of sorrow.  The care-providers who are looking after people with HIV are almost as invisible as the disease itself.  Unsung servants – we salute them and are organising a small retreat for some of them to celebrate what they have done!

Eternity will tell the impact of these loving acts of kindness to people with HIV/AIDS – done for our Lord Jesus through local church members and staff of CORINTH partners.

An exciting development is the increasing numbers of people who are living with HIV/AIDS and who are also ministering to others.  Hats off to them as they share not only God’s love -but their own story and experiences of hope!